JSG Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson is an Account Executive in the Mining & Heavy Industrial industries at Johnson Search Group, JSG’s direct placement division. He works out of our Spokane, WA office and has been with JSG for 1 and ½ years now. We had the pleasure to interview Jeremy about what it’s like to work at Johnson Search Group and how it’s changed his whole perspective on the impact you can make on other’s careers.

You have a very diverse career background. Tell us about yourself and what you do at Johnson Search Group.

I’ve always been a very hands-on person with a tech background. I pursued an electrical engineering degree which I enjoyed because I was able to work with my hands and see things come to life. But I wanted something more, which sent me to recruit. Recruiting allows me to make a bigger impact on others, which is a big part of who I am. In my other positions, I was able to impact a few people during my daily responsibilities. But as a recruiter, I’m able to make a big impact on my clients by finding them the talent their organization needs. I also get the opportunity to impact the career of great candidates and help find them new career paths.

What’s the #1 reason you enjoy coming to work every morning at Johnson Search Group?

I love the dance of it all. Having the opportunity to navigate in this career and the chance to be successful every day keeps me excited and ready to take on the days’ challenges because you can always make a difference. I have the opportunity to pick and choose the clients I work with which allows me to partner with companies I truly believe in. And that not only helps me be successful and enjoy what I’m doing but the freedom I have here at Johnson Search Group is really something not a lot of positions give you.

You Recruit for the Mining & Heavy Industrial Industries. What do you like about it?

I love it. Getting to come back and work in an environment I grew up around is truly exciting. My dad and grandad worked in a tungsten mine when I was younger, so I learned a lot about what it takes to be a miner. And my other grandpa worked in the paper industry. It’s crazy to see my passion revolve around a world I grew up in and fell in love with.

I was taught early about good work-ethic and it has made me the man I am today. And helps me every day when it comes to recruiting because I’ve learned the importance of understanding how the measure of a man is in his merit.

Are there any trends that you see happening in the Mining world this year?

Definitely! Competition for great candidates will only get tighter. Just like we saw last year with instrumentation and electrical professionals. I feel like this year it will be more with oil and gas companies though because they are trying to increase their in-house production instead of using other companies. We saw this in frack sand plants, which in turn, has led to even greater talent shortages.

My focus this year will be helping my clients retain their candidates because that is a big thing all mining companies need and will continue to be a big issue because of talent shortages. If I can help my clients retain and gain great candidates, then I will only be able to help grow their trust in what I can do for them in 2019!