2 Things You MUST Do Before Your Job Interview

job interview

You’ve seen the headlines. The job market is so hot right now, there are literally more jobs available than people unemployed. If you are one of the 5.5 million individuals that reportedly left their job in December of 2018 (with 3.5 million leaving voluntarily), chances are good you are actively searching for a new role. While odds are high you’ve been through the hiring process multiple times throughout your career, a refresher surrounding the interview process can be beneficial for anyone!


The first place to begin is with yourself. Review the resume you submitted to ensure you are able to discuss any detail you included. This could mean touching base with any references, as they may be receiving a call to gauge your qualifications and highlighting any skills or experiences listed on your resume.

Review any dress code that may be in place for your interview. Ideally, the hiring manager or HR will share this expectation with you, as different companies and industries have different expectations. In contrast, if you be work with a recruiter from JSG, they will fill you in on acceptable attire.

Reviews on the site Glassdoor can also provide insight into these interviews, often mentioning dress code and other first-hand accounts of the company, employees, and culture. Leverage these insights to gain a better understanding of the company and to demonstrate a familiarity with the industry. Small talk in interviews will kill. Therefore, familiarize with the latest industry news and trends that is relevant to the position and company. However, be sure to stay away from topics that are polarizing or controversial.

Know Your Value

After the initial steps described above, you’re now able to begin calculating our value. You reviewed your own skills, specializations, and experiences to show you are qualified for the position. Thus, you can now identify what is the standard compensation for someone in a similar role across the city, state, country, and world. You can do this by again leveraging sites like LinkedIn and analyzing their salary insights.

You have access to a database where professionals across all industries have provided some transparency into their compensation; information that you need to use. Once you have identified an acceptable figure, be able to explain how you arrived there. Your explanation should be clear and concise, not an ongoing ramble that communicated indecisiveness or being unprepared.

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