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Bullhorn Best Practices: Customizing Your Start-up Menu


Bullhorn is a fantastic tool that helps keep us organized and on task. It gives us the opportunity to check on our clients, candidates, tear sheets, task lists, and so much more. But you already knew that. However, did you know that you can create shortcuts in the Bullhorn “bowling alley” (the left-hand start-up menu) to quickly access all of this data? This little trick will save you a lot of time and make using Bullhorn even easier. Here’s how to customize your bowling alley to streamline your day.

Step 1: Press Preferences

First of all, after you log into Bullhorn, and press Menu. Once you have the Menu pulled up, press preferences at the bottom of your screen.


Step 2: Start-up Screens

Once you are in the preferences, scroll down to “Start-up Screens.” This is where you will type in the different shortcuts you want in your bowling alley. Type the fields slowly and when they auto-populate, click them. In this example, I have added Contact list and Submission List to be added to my bowling alley.


Once you’ve added all the fields you would like in your bowling alley, press “save” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Log out of Bullhorn

Once your start-up screen additions have been saved, log out of Bullhorn and log back in. Once you log back in, these new start-up screen fields will be in your Bullhorn bowling alley, as you can see below.


Step 4: Add Filters and Customize Fields

Once you have you start-up fields customize in the bowling alley, you can add filters and customize the fields to your liking. When you close Bullhorn, your progress is always saved, so you shouldn’ have to customize these fields again! And just like that, your Bullhorn is customized to save your valuable time throughout the day.

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