JSG Employee Spotlight: John Garcia

JSG Employee Spotlight

John Garcia is a Director of Business Development for JSG in our San Jose, CA office. Over the last few years (including 2018), John has been the #1 AVM producer for the Western Region at JSG. We sat down with him for a few minutes to ask him a couple questions.

You’ve been here at JSG for almost 10 years. Congratulations! What do you like about working for JSG?

The best part about working for Johnson Service Group is the people. I’ve had the opportunity of working for fantastic candidates and clients throughout the years. And for many of these clients, I have been working with them for close to 20 years. At this point in my career, some of these relationships with our clients have developed into friendships.

The management style has always been excellent. It’s been a pleasure to work with Jim Beckley for over 30 years.

You’ve been in the staffing industry for almost 30 years. How has the industry changed throughout the years?

The biggest change in the staffing industry over the years is the technology. When I first started working in the industry, we had file cabinets full of resumes. We used to have to go through each resume by hand and assign them a special code to organize them by skill sets. We either had to fax resumes to clients or in some cases, we even hand delivered them.

Once computers came around, it was actually a selling point that our entire team had a personal computer. Technology has really streamlined the recruiting process.

What’s a goal you and your team are hoping to accomplish this year?

Our goal is to obviously beat last year’s numbers, but most importantly, my team and I want to improve our communication with both our clients and our candidates. We have built great relationships through the years and we hope to continue to foster them as well as create new ones.

We also want to focus on building even better relationships with our candidates. Once one contract is up, we want to be able to quickly find our contractors another great opportunity; we want each of our candidates to be part of the JSG family for years to come.