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5-Second Rule

It Only Takes 5 Seconds to Change Your Career Path

5-Second Rule

When it comes to making a change and impact in your career it all comes down to just 5 seconds. Our brains are wired to keep us safe and comfortable. And when you think about it, it makes sense. We like feeling safe and comfortable.

But when it comes to being successful and different, does being comfortable help us get there? This question could be up for debate, but most career gurus would say comfortability is the success killer that holds us back from achieving our goals. And to fix this, all it takes is the 5-second rule.

The 5-second rule

The 5-second rule is all about disciplining yourself. It’s about making that decision you don’t necessarily want to do but know you should do, within 5 seconds. Because after those 5 seconds are gone, you’ve decided to stay in your comfortable box and not make a change.

This 5-second rule can change how you work and your productivity. Not every day is going to be fun or easy. Not every day will you want to do that monotonous task that isn’t due till the end of the week, but you know you should just get it done sooner than later. There are tons of excuses you can make and when you do, you choose to be ordinary. You choose to be safe.

But in those 5 seconds, you can also decide to be great. You can decide to take a risk that could end up being one of the best things for your career.

How to implement the 5-second rule

To implement this rule all you need is self-discipline and to think about what you’re wanting to accomplish and how you will get there. You will not be successful or achieve your career goals if you do not work hard for them. Nothing you’ve accomplished thus far in your life has just fallen into your lap, you worked hard for it.

And if you can start to think about how the 5-second rule can change the way you make decisions to help you achieve your goals, you’ll start to realize the only person holding you back from accomplishing them, is you. You can decide if you want to work late today so that you can get that proposal done for work early instead of procrastinating.

You’re able to decide to discuss with your boss about that raise instead of choosing not to when you have the opportunity. You can change the course of your career in literally 5 seconds.

Be daring and step outside your comfort zone

The whole idea of this rule is to help everyone get past themselves. We are our biggest roadblocks at times. Especially, when it comes to sticking to what we are used to or stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Taking these little steps can help you grow not only in your career but also in your personal life. While 5 seconds may not seem like a lot amount of time, it can be the difference between you reaching your goals and you not. Which are you wanting to choose?

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