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Keep Your LinkedIn Professional by Avoiding These 4 Things


When using LinkedIn, it can be hard to remember that it’s a social platform solely designed to help you make career connections, NOT share your recent life updates. The following tips will help you excel at LinkedIn as well as help you to “keep it professional!”

LinkedIn is not Facebook

LinkedIn was solely created to share career success, network with professionals, and find new career opportunities. It’s not the place to share gym selfies, or what you’re eating today. It’s the professional social site. The site you can use to congratulate colleagues on promotions and share your career achievements.

When you start posting unprofessional things, it can damage your credibility as a capable and achieved professional. So, the best advice is before you post something, ask yourself if you’d be proud to share it with your boss.

Don’t write in the Third Person

When you’re writing summaries or any post, make sure you’re writing in the first person. LinkedIn is about you and your career in the present; It’s not a biography of what you do and who you are. Writing in the first person allows people to get to know you as a professional.

Avoid Religious and Political Comments/Posts

Your opinions and point of view are very important! But LinkedIn is not the place to post them. In your work life, these are the two topics you should avoid. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions. And it’s a sure-fire way to trigger an argument.

Avoiding these posts will help you stay out of scenarios you don’t want to be in, especially on a professional platform.

When messaging people keep it professional

As a career-based platform, messaging someone for career advice, an endorsement, or job postings are the main objectives when contacting someone. If you have personal objectives, they should be kept to yourself and not discussed on this platform.

Even though you can meet people anywhere, it’s important to know your audience and understand there’s a time and a place for every type of conversation. But LinkedIn is meant solely for professional connections, not anything more.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform to grow as a professional and can help you make amazing connections that help you get to your next career stepping stones. Making sure you avoid doing these things will you tremendously and keep you from using LinkedIn in an inappropriate manner.

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