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How to Decrease Your Odds of Being Ghosted By Candidates


Candidates are no longer just ghosting recruiters; They are ghosting employers by simply not showing up for their first day of work. But that’s not the only thing they are doing. They are also completely ghosting interviews. Ghosting is a trend that has become very prevalent in today’s job market due to candidates having options (and lots of them!). And apparently, it’s easier to just not show up for an interview instead of saying you found another opportunity.

Why are candidates ghosting?

Some say it may be a form of payback. More than 52 percent of employers have not contacted candidates back for jobs after three months. This can leave a bad taste in candidates’ mouths and in turn, may correlate to candidates not feeling bad about ghosting interviews, recruiters, or even job offers.

In the long run, ghosting is probably not the best game plan for those looking for jobs. But in this market, they can, and are, playing dirty.

What is making ghosting a normal thing to expect?

With the job market being the best it has ever been in 18 years, candidates know they have options. And ghosting an interview, in their eyes, is better than getting offered the job and ghosting once the offer is made for a better position.

Job seekers find it weird to cancel. It may just be the way of the land now with people not wanting confrontation. It’s easier to just not show up than to explain they are looking or found something better. Ghosting will stay prominent if the market stays like this, but there is a way companies can combat losing great candidates to other offers.

How companies can avoid being ghosted

Companies are not being as proactive as they can be to avoid ghosting. They are still moving slow on candidates and are not meeting the salary expectations that top talent feels they deserve. Especially, in this market where they know, they can most likely find a job that will pay what they’re looking for.

To avoid ghosting, focus on shortening your time from when a candidate applies to when they are hired. This will help you catch the candidate’s attention and gives them less time to find other opportunities. It also shows you’re interested and proves that you believe they are a top-notch candidate. This will make them feel important and want to connect more with what your company has to offer.

How Johnson Service Group can help you

Another way to avoid ghosting is to work with a recruiting firm that knows how to keep things moving and find the best talent for you. Here at Johnson Service Group, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our candidates and our clients. Our process helps us find you the talent you’re looking for but also ensures we do our diligence on trying to find candidates that will be less likely to ghost.

Overall, ghosting is a habit we will most likely have to deal with for a while. But having a process that keeps things quick and organized will help you fill your critical positions with great people. Reach out to Johnson Service Group today to see what we can do to help your company see less ghosting and attain more hires.

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