Why Today’s Job Market is The Best Time to Look for a New Job

New Job Search

With the unemployment rate nearing an all-time low, employees are noticing the opportunities in today’s job market to move up in their careers. But that’s not by waiting for promotions. It’s by deciding to move to a different company altogether.

Good candidates are making their salaries jump exponentially by leaving their current companies. This is happening because some of their current employers aren’t willing to do what it takes to keep them. For example, not wanting to give good raises, more time off, flexibility in work schedule. While other companies, who are needing to fill critical roles immediately, are!

Best Opportunity for a Raise

It is puzzling to economists why wages, but more so raises within companies, aren’t growing as fast as the job market. Especially, because there are not enough people to fill the current open positions. Knowing this fact that your good workers could jump ship for a higher paying one is interesting.

But for job candidates, it’s the one sure way to make a change if they’re wanting to. With some companies not taking the initiative to keep top talent, they will end up losing them to the competition. In today’s job market, people are starting to realize if they want to make money they have to switch from company to company. However, most people would ideally prefer to grow with their company.

More Benefits

If good candidates decide to look for new positions, they are more likely to seek out companies offering them benefits they probably wouldn’t see if they decided to stay with their current company. With our current job market, employers know that if they can’t offer the salaries that others can, they have to do something.

Especially, when they have a critical position they need to fill immediately. So, that means they may need to up their benefits packages. Which means candidates are receiving more time off, more flexibility, and the ability to work from home.

Multiple offers

If you’re a great candidate in your field, you’re more than likely going to be seeing multiple offer letters on your job search right now. This is happening more and more because companies know talent from a mile away. But they also understand that they aren’t the only ones.

So, to stand out they must do something different. Whether it’s the location, time off, the salary, you’ll really have the chance to choose a company and job that you’ll really enjoy. As well as seeing all the benefits you’ve been wanting to have.

If you’re thinking that it’s time for you to start looking for a new job, this is a perfect time. If you’re needing help with where to start on the job hunt, a recruiter from Johnson Service Group would be more than happy to help you land the job of your dreams.