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How to Answer the “Why Should We Hire You?” Interview Question


In most interviews, you have questions that may seem easy to answer but end up being trickier than you originally thought. The “why should we hire you?” interview question is one of them. However, if you hit on the following four points, you will provide the interviewers everything they’re looking for.

Hirable Skills

When they ask you this question they want to know what skills you have that fit the needs of the position. It’s all about the job description. So if you’ve done your homework on the position and know what they are looking for, being able to hit this point should be easy. Because keywords are everything and if you know those and are skilled at them you should be able to convince them that’d you’re the person they should hire.

Soft Skills

While answering this question, pointing out your soft skills is very important. Nowadays, companies are putting a lot of importance on candidates having great soft skills because they will be more likely to work well with others, adapt to new changes, and stay with the company.

With 87 percent of companies hiring candidates with little to no experience, the turnover rate ends up being extremely high. But if you have the skill set and soft skills, you’ll be a shoe-in for the position.


Experience is sometimes one of the requirements that can knock you out of even being considered for an open position. You obviously have it since you’re in an interview with them, so make sure you talk about it! With this question, you have tons of room to explain how your experience has helped you be over and beyond prepared for their open role.

And you’re ready to bring knew attributes to it as well. Experience is the key to any successful job interview and with a question like this, using it to your advantage will only hammer the nail into your much waited for offer letter.

Culture Fit

And finally, companies are looking to see that you’re a great culture fit. They more than likely will have already given you an idea what working for them will be like, so spinning off it and explaining why you love working in an environment like theirs will show your excitement; it will also prove that you’re the right fit they’ve been looking for.

If you like how their office runs, it will help you continue to push forward to success. So, make sure to mention this in your answer.

If you’re able to hit all four of these points, you’re sure to blow away the interviewers. Sometimes we over think these questions. The most important thing to remember is to break them down and answer them with these key topics.

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