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How Millennials are Benefiting Our Corporate Culture


Born between the years of 1981 – 1996, Millennials are probably the most talked about generation. Well, in a more stereotypical way. But, they are adding some great benefits to our corporate culture that you may not know about.

Work-Life Balance

Millennials are adamant about having a life outside of work. And compared to generations past, they are willing to take pay cuts for it. But with this must have, they are also helping every other employee enjoy the perks. They’re also getting more flexibility in the work environment and more time off to spend with their family and friends.

The emphasis on a good work-life balance to Millennials probably comes from them watching their parents. They saw them sacrifice family time in return for career advancement. Which they don’t necessarily see as a bad thing… It just makes them realize what they want to prioritize, which is family time over work advancement or more money.

They Value Company Culture

Almost anyone you ask would say having a good company culture helps them feel appreciated, important, and that they are making a difference. But each generation is different on how highly they weigh culture fit when accepting a job offer. But, Millennials rate this as one of the most important things to them when searching for new opportunities.

On average, they are willing to take a $7,600 cut in salary, each year, to work in an environment that fits well with their morals and makes them excited to go to work. This may seem like a crazy pay cut, but it’s one of the huge reasons why Millennials, you could say, are improving the corporate culture.

They are emphasizing the need for good morals, ethics, and community outreach. Which, with the current job market we’re in, is putting companies in the hot seat, not candidates searching for jobs.

Millennials Want Feedback and Growth

Millennials want recognition, but not without putting in the work. They are changing the way managers and owners communicate with their employees by pushing them to give more feedback and acknowledgment. This may come from the want/need to be recognized. Although, it is affecting the corporate world in a manner that helps everyone know what they can improve on or what they are doing well at. It helps employees feel more appreciated by the company they are working for.

Overall, the largest generation is making big impacts on our corporate world, in a way that is benefiting everyone else positively. They are helping put a priority on a great work environment and reminding us to focus on our lives outside of work. So even though we know the millennials for all of the stereotypes, we also know them to be improving our ever-changing work culture too.


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