Haven’t Had An Interview in a While? Let’s Brush You Up


Over the years, the core concept of the interview hasn’t changed THAT much. At its heart, it’s an opportunity for a candidate and hiring manager to get to know each other and evaluate if a position will be a good mutual fit. However, the questions, strategies, and technology that have evolved recently. So, if you haven’t interviewed in awhile, let’s brush you up.

Variety of Interview Methods

There’s so much more than just the face-to-face interview these days. Throughout the hiring process, you may be subjected to a screening, phone interview, video interview, group interview, panel interview… the opportunities are endless. Our best advice? Be prepared for anything, and treat each one as professional, but a unique situation on its own.

Multiple Rounds

As you progress through your job search, you will undoubtedly encounter a few of these different types of interviews. Most commonly, you will go through a phone interview, then an in-person, and finally a panel interview. (Although every company is different!) Just prepare yourself to go through multiple rounds for one position as hiring managers narrow the candidate pool to the very best.

Behavioral Questions

Gone are the days of “What’s your greatest weakness?” Employers are now trying to determine your fit within their company through behavioral interview questions. They want you to tell stories from your past experiences and actually picture yourself in this position.

The Little Stuff Matters

Employers are now listening and watching at ALL times. So your interactions with the receptionist, how you spend your time in the waiting room, and what you order at lunch are affecting what the hiring manager thinks of you. Always strive to be courteous and professional, from the parking lot to the post-interview thank you note!

Show Your Authenticity

Authenticity is valued above all else in today’s society. Yes, you should still be professional throughout your interview (always). But there’s more room for you to show your genuine personality. Hiring Managers can see through your this-is-what-I-am-supposed-to-say answers and are looking past that to try and determine who you are.