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4 Reasons to Love Hiring Contractors

4 Reasons To LOVE Hiring Contractors

4 Reasons to Love Hiring Contractors

Contract work is on the rise and companies are scrambling to adapt their recruiting strategy. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, 40.4% of the U.S. workforce is now made of contingent workers. Hiring contractors, whether W2 or 1099, offers a variety of benefits to your team and company. Here are just 4 of the reasons we LOVE hiring contractors!


The biggest benefit to hiring contractors is that it allows flexibility for your team. Whether you are working on a short-term project, have a fluctuating budget, or want to “try before you buy,” contractors are the way to go. You can set the contract length for as long or short as you need to get the work done. It’s also a great time to test the waters with a candidate that you are unsure of. By going the contract route, you can hire someone for a specific amount of time, with the option of offering them a permanent position.


Contractors are typically highly specialized in their roles. Because they’ve worked for multiple companies on similar projects, their expertise is deeply ingrained in specific areas. This makes contractors a great fit for projects that require micro-specialization or have aspects that are outside of your typical scope of work.


When you choose to hire contractors, you’ll save time in multiple ways. The time to hire can be significantly decreased, especially if the contractor is already looking for their next project. Additionally, because contractors are so specialized and have so much experience, they can jump into a project quickly without a ton of training or direction.

Cost Savings

Although many contractors charge a higher hourly rate, it will save your company money in the long-run. Because the contract can be temporary, you only need to have a contractor on board as long as you need them. Their specialization also allows them to complete projects more efficiently, creating cost savings across the board.

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