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Setting realistic expectations will boost your job hunt

E is for Expectations: Setting Realistic Expectations Will Boost Your Job Hunt

Setting realistic expectations will boost your job hunt

Almost all of us, including myself, have been turned down for a job that we’ve applied for. It’s part of the wild game we call the job hunt. It can be really discouraging when we get that dreadful email saying something to the effect of: “Thank you for applying. We had dozens of fantastic candidates for this position, but unfortunately, we have decided to pursue other candidates.”

This can be devastating news. But it doesn’t have to be if we set realistic expectations during our job search. Here are four tips on how to establish realistic expectations, and ultimately, setting yourself up for a successful job search.

Be patient

Unless this is your first time on the job hunt, you are probably aware that the job search is anything but a short and sweet process. If you want the perfect opportunity, you need to be patient. That’s easier said than done, but you must accept it to have realistic expectations during your search.

Keep in mind, not all employers are looking to instantly fill their job vacancies. Some employers are looking to immediately fill an open position while others may not be in any rush to find a replacement. For example, an employer may want to wait a few weeks or even a month before calling on candidates for an interview. Open positions don’t always need to be filled right away.

Additionally, every employer has different hiring processes. The length of the hiring process may depend on the size of the company, whether the employer is using an internal or external recruiter or the type of position. It will likely be a longer hiring process when a company is searching for an executive level candidate vs. an entry level candidate.

Have you ever heard “patience is a virtue?” Being patient on the job hunt will help you establish realistic expectations on when you’ll hear back from employers during this onerous process.

Applying for the right positions

Recruiters and hiring managers post thousands of jobs each day. You may be tempted to apply for each job vacancy you come across online, especially if you are an active candidate. In reality, you are not a great fit for every employers’ needs.

By applying for every single job vacancy you find online, you are likely to face many rejections. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Over time, applying for too many jobs will start to extinguish your motivation and leave you with a negative attitude during your job search.

Do your due diligence on compensation

This one is very important. You need to do your due diligence on different salary ranges for the type of positions you are applying to. When offered a job, it is totally okay to negotiate your salary. However, you need to have realistic expectations on what you are worth.

Keep in mind, salary ranges are determined by various factors, including education level, work experience, location, and the industry of the employer. It is essential to get online and do some research on what you are worth, as well as to see what other people in your location with a similar position is earning.

Jump on the computer and do a quick Google search. There are dozens of different salary calculators that are completely free to use. For example, Glassdoor allows you to calculate an estimate of what you should be making, based on your education level, location, and years of relevant experience.

Knowing your worth will allow you to establish realistic expectations of what you should be making, and ultimately, will help you effectively negotiate your salary without facing disappointment.

You can’t completely rely on a recruiter to find you a job

When working with a recruiter, you cannot expect them to do all the work for you. Remember, they are ultimately working for their client (the employer). You are not the one paying them, so don’t act like they are solely working for you! However, many recruiters, including the recruiters at Johnson Service Group, will go out of their way to help you land an interview!

Remember, recruiters, are not career counselors. They cannot hold your hand through the entire hiring process. They’re there to help place qualified candidates for their clients, not give you career advice or help you draft your resume.

Moreover, recruiters have no control over the hiring process. Even if they believe you’re a perfect fit for the job, they don’t have any input on the hiring decision. So, don’t act like you are guaranteed the job if a recruiter thinks you nailed your interview. Keeping your expectations realistic during the recruiting process will help you move on if you get the unfortunate news that you were not a great fit for the position.

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