Happy Holidays From JSG!

From JSG Leadership

JSG Leadership

Ken Slater, Executive Vice President & Jim Filarski, Chief Financial Officer

From the JSG Accounting Department

Front Row: Grace Pender, Brittany Czischki, Kyle Hardin, Andi Mores, Cynthia Razo Second Row: Kim Kennedy, Katherine Netko, Jen Cariola, Amanda Hrdina, Pamela Rose, Jamie Nickos Back Row: Kathy Stevens, Gayle Lansdon, Nicole Banis, Brianna Meier, Kailey Fritz, Debra Silva, Melissa Paz

From the JSG Ann Arbor, Michigan Team

JSG Ann Arbor

Ronan O’Neill & Jessica MacFarlane

From JSG Atlanta

First Picture: Rob Boyle, Michelle McMahan, & Darryl Dixon Second Picture: Front Row (seated): Alexandria Mignone, Kathina Williams, Jacki McMahan, Monique Humphrey Second Row: Frank Cunnane, Amanda Smith, Adrienne Hebb, Annette Rinslo, Michelle McMahan, Tina Brumfield, Christopher Yates, Michelle Figari, Ed Galenza Back Blended Rows: Tim Hurst, Darryl Dixon, Margaret Smith, John Orr, Byron Armstead, James Roberts, Adam Maddox, Raquelle Shanette

From the Birmingham & Mobile, Alabama offices

Sandra Roberts, Donna Kidd, Linda McCarron, Don Franks, Steve Forsyth and Brigette Starr

From the JSG Bedford, TX Team

From the Blue Bell, Pennsylvania Office

Chris Aiello, Khushali Mistry, Mike Adelman, Allen Mudalel, Rich Hanson (photo credit: Serena Cross)

From the JSG Calabasas Team

Ric, Sidney, Deborah, Teresa & Meredith

From our Cameron, Oklahoma office

JSG Cameron

Chris Tankersley

From JSG Chicago

From Our Columbia, South Carolina Office

Pat Layden and Mackenzie Dunham

From The JSG Finance Department

Paula Orsula, Matt Mennozi, Nicole Clark, Libby Cervantes, and Katie Gwin.

From our JSG New Jersey Office

Chris Minutola, Tom Zetusky, Ed Zetusky, John Burke

From JSG Huntsville, Alabama

Maria Mireles-Brown, Dennis White

From the JSG HR Team

Linnea Rummage, Nick Yacobi, Susan Sproule, Sharon Tinker

From JSG Irvine

Dina Romero, Foster Zembraski, Truong Trinh, Bryan Rogers, Diane Lacson

From Our Jacksonville Office

Sitting: Donna Blodgett, Ginger Nilsson, Renee Tuck. Back Row: Jason Kennedy, Jeff Paarlberg, Derek Rix, Zach Williams, Paul Hopkins, Terry Peak

From JSG Knoxville, Tennessee

Pictured Left to Right: Don Franks, Greg Howard, Tina Cannon, Andrea Lyle, Melissa Brown, Linda Fugate, Marla Kilgore, Jeff Rowe, and Steve Weimer.

From the JSG Marketing Team

Luc MacKenzie, Patrice MacMillan, & Matthew Bennett

From the North Charleston, South Carolina JSG team

Front row from left to right: Daniel Scott and Travis Craine Back row from left to right: Lindsay Pate, Danita Green, Kristina Kratsas and Miranda Jones

From the JSG Safety & Risk Management Department

JSG Safety

From the JSG San Jose, California office!

From Left Front: Margo Garcia, Jose Masangcay, Celeste Glascock, Su Voeun, Sarah Alvarez, Liza Ramos, Alex Duenas Back Row: Priscilla Torres, John Garcia, Alice Gill, Joe Arellano, Jay Kerrigan, Janette Miramontes, Brittany Gamboa, Griselda Dominguez, Jim Beckley, Cathy Kennedy, Rich Martinsen

From The JSG Spokane, Washington team

JSG Spokane

Back Row: Jeremy Johnson, James Borders, Tracey Smith, Shahna Jacks, Perry Paden, Tracy Isakson, Ken Heller, Alex Price, Dallas Williams. Front Row: Dana Belstler, Krista Portolesi, Mike Muglia, Youssef Alonzo

From the JSG Team in Stuart, Florida

JSG Stuart FL

Back row left to right: Piyaphat Vongsavanh, Humberto Cruz, Frank Holman, Gabriel Chirinos, Alejandro Rivera 2nd row left to right: Isis Cardona, Fatima Espinoza, Dawn Fossati Front: Rachel DiGiacomo

From the JSG Tampa, Florida Team

Craig Brooks, Dave Wilson, Dylan Beck, Drew Hegarty

From JSG Professional Services, ULC (Canada)