Staff Members In Focus


Jeff Paarlburg, Branch Manager, Jacksonville, FL has been with JSG for 6+ years. His leadership style has been instrumental in developing the culture and helping to create our regional delivery center. Jeff started as a Recruiter and has grown through the ranks and is now heading up the delivery/recruitment team for our region.  Jeff is an astute, polished, professional, always does the right thing, even when it hurts, and an excellent communicator with clients and staff.  Jeff and his team were recognized in late 2016 for being an outstanding supplier with two of JSG staffing partners.

Derek Rix, Senior Technical Recruiter, Jacksonville, FL, joined JSG in 2012 as a Recruiter. After facing some personal family challenges in 2016, Derek’s determination helped him jump back into the game to achieve his highest AVM revenue dollars in his recruitment career. Derek is pivotal to the team dynamic and has been an influential part of the Florida team’s accomplishments.

Congratulations to both of you for your extraordinary contributions and successes!