2017 May/June Anniversaries & March/April New Hires

Congratulations - Work Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our team members with anniversaries in May and June 2017! Take a moment to help congratulate our tenured staff on their recent and upcoming anniversary.

You are a valuable member of our team, thank you for your service!

Atlanta, Georgia

Tim Hurst – 8 years, Lona Davis – 7 years, Rob Boyle – 5 years, Frank Cunnane – 4 years, Melissa Ramirez – 2 years, Alexandria Mignone – 1 year, Jacki McMahan – 1 year, Tiffany Matthews – 1 year, & Rachel Cottone – 1 year

Bedford, Texas

Cindy Price – 20 years, Justin Smith – 2 years, Joshua Kim – 2 years, & Michael Coleman – 1 year

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Richard Hanson – 2 years

Haddon Heights, New Jersey

Ed Zetusky – 2 years

Pelham, Alabama

Steve Forsyth – 8 years & Donna Kidd – 7 years  

Spokane, Washington

Dana Belstler – 2 years, Mike Muglia – 2 years, & Jessica Sems – 1 year

Westmont, Illinois

Ken Slater – 24 years, Susan Sproule – 9 years, Patty Rhoads – 6 years, Cheri Schweiger – 3 years, Matthew Menozzi – 1 year, Linnea Rummage – 1 year, Stephen Sorensen – 1 year, Patricia Pelaez – 1 year, & Kaitlyn Gorman – 1 year


Welcome to JSG's new employees
Please join us in giving a warm welcome to all of JSG’s newest team members. Take a moment to reach out, connect, follow, and say hello to the newest employees.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jessica MacFarlane

Atlanta, Georgia

Byron Armstead

Irvine, California

Truong Trinh

Jacksonville, Florida

Donna Blodgett

Spokane, Washington

Alex Price, Kathryn Thayer, Dallas Williams, Carlos DeHerrera, & Steven Blowers

Westmont, Illinois

Luci Lykins, Brianna Meier, & John O’Halloran


Special recognition to Jason Kennedy, Senior Recruiter, Jacksonville, FL who set a Florida region record achieving $10K in his first year and half in his delivery role. Jason has outpaced the average and saw incredible success in the last 6 quarters. Congratulations Jason!


In the staffing world, staying connected is one of your most valuable assets. Our staff members are united through JSG and the best way to represent our unity is to connect with one another and follow JSG on various social networks.

To make it easier, we have linked our staff members names to their LinkedIn profiles. Connect, stay up-to-date, and communicate with your fellow coworkers near and far.

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