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In the fast-paced staffing world, convenience is key and at JSG we have several digital resources available to aid in your success.

Your experience with JSG is important to us and it is our goal to make the process as seamless as possible. Our resources are conveniently available on the web and setup for you to use as needed.

Below are JSG’s self-service resources that allow you access to your information on the spot.


JSG Contractor ResourcesEmployee Toolbox


Payroll & Tax Information JSG ePay: After enrolling in direct deposit, you are eligible to view your paystubs and W2’s online through my-estub.com


We also have additional resources that will help you stay in contact with us throughout your assignment and beyond.


Point of Contact (POC): We value our partnership and encourage you to communicate with us

  • Your POC stays with you throughout your assignment
  • Take note of the contact information for your JSG POC and keep it for your records should you have any questions *Our email addresses are formatted as follows: First initial of the first name + last name + @jsginc.com i.e. Jane Doe jdoe@jsginc.com


JSG SafetySafety & Incident Reporting: At JSG, our philosophy is “Safe Work is Great Work.”


JSG Website: jsginc.com is packed with great information for our contractors:


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  • We value your feedback and encourage you to engage with us throughout your assignment and share your experience on our Glassdoor page, Johnson Service Group (IL)


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Thank you for choosing JSG as your career partner for your assignment. We value your business and look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis.