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JSG a Year of Success

Anne Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan
JSG Anne Arbor is Johnson Service Group’s newest location and kicked off the first year making big moves in the market.

JSG Anne Arbor established a relationship with a chemical manufacturer in late 2016. Throughout the initial communication, the client mentioned they had two staffing vendors currently supporting them on a search for an Engineering Director with chemical compounding experience. Between the company and vendors, they spent six months searching and were unable to identify any qualified candidates.

We asked them to give us the opportunity to work on the position, and guaranteed ongoing communication throughout the search process. Our team began the vigorous search, utilizing top of the line tools and our proprietary software of more than 500,000 resumes. With our experience in engineer recruiting, along with a firm grasp of the position requirements, our team found the ideal candidate. After our team vetted the candidate, we presented the Engineering Director to the client, who interviewed and offered him the position. As a result of this experience, JSG Anne Arbor now has a new relationship with a chemical manufacturing company that is built on experience, trust, and the ability to exceed expectations.

San Jose, California

San Jose, California
JSG San Jose had an opportunity to expand their relationship nationally with one of their major clients. One area JSG has grown in 2016 was in technology. Before JSG could proceed in ramping up, we reevaluated our onboarding process to make it more efficient.

In an effort to select the best onboarding technology, San Jose leveraged the expertise of several different teams gaining the clients feedback in addition to JSG Sales, IT, Marketing, and Payroll. With a combined effort, a new onboarding technology was put in place that met the client’s needs and fit well with our payroll system.  As a result of the new onboarding system, the San Jose team has grown the client business from one to six states, to become the second largest account in the California region.

Charleston & Columbia, South Carolina

Charleston & Columbia, SC
JSG South Carolina has experienced a year of tremendous success! Travis Craine started the year off exceeding expectations in Q1 with a permanent placement that helped set the tone for the rest of the year. Kristina Kratsas, Steve Duncan, and Lindsay Pate wrapped up Q3/Q4 by hiring nearly 300 Customer Success Associates. We also had the assistance of Ellen Rubino, who was key to success, as she aided in onboarding all our new employees. Pat Layden and Miranda Jones successfully placed a permanent candidate with a company and secured South Carolina’s largest permanent placement business in 2016! In addition, the candidate that was placed provided great feedback,

“Hello Miranda, Thank you for all you did. Today was my first official day and I can say that it’s everything and more than what I could hope for. I am very thankful that you reached out to me a few months ago and this all worked out perfectly.” – JSG Candidate

Knoxville & Nashville, Tennessee

Knoxville & Nashville
JSG Tennessee has experienced a year of success in 2016 and is looking forward to the new year and all it has to offer. JSG Tennessee started in Knoxville and expanded into Nashville in March 2016. The greater Nashville region is poised to grow over the next couple of decades. Across the 10-county region around Nashville, the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) forecasts close to another million people by the year 2035. As a regional company who prides ourselves on results, it was important for JSG to integrate into this market. In 2017 we are expected to grow our Nashville office. The hottest markets in this region include manufacturing, support services, IT, and engineering opportunities.

We have also seen great success in our Knoxville office in 2016. We were awarded an IT contract in late 2015 with one of our long-term existing clients. The IT contract accounts for 10% of our business and primarily focuses on positions in Knoxville and Chattanooga in the areas of .Net, Cyber Security Specialist, Systems Engineers, Business Analysts, IT Product Engineers, and Integration Architects.

Armonk, New York

Armonk, New York
JSG Armonk celebrates a great year of success! One of Armonk’s manufacturing clients has a seasonal push each year to support the demand for their products during the Black Friday shopping event. During a short 3.5-week period, they onboarded upwards of 70 temporary employees. This year was no different, apart from an increase in timing and urgency. The requisitions were released nearly two-weeks later than expected and the client’s urgency was amped up due to expected volumes.The JSG Armonk delivered, placing 30 qualified temporary employees in support of this effort.

When the project was completed, JSG was recognized as one of two suppliers, out of approximately 25 staffing firms, that carried the requisition load.  Our client contact reached out to us directly to positively acknowledge the effort and result.

“A big thank you to the JSG team without whom this would not have been possible; Karen Morales, Melissa Leung, Sarah Grossman, Chris Minutola, and Elana Dunkin!” states Ed Zetusky, Northeast Region Senior Vice President.

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

JSG Blue Bell focused heavily on growing partnerships in 2016. It all started about a year ago. In December 2015, we partnered with a medical device company to become a preferred supplier for staffing services. JSG was selected to replace a client’s previous providers to become one of two preferred providers. As a result of JSG Blue Bell’s overall performance, in June of 2016 JSG replaced the other main supplier to become the sole provider.

Concurrently, our partnership helped lead the way to payrolling business and it was our aim to transition that agreement to JSG.  After a lot of meetings, lunches, and cajoling, we were awarded the payrolling business and will have 31 additional employees become JSG “family members” and employees starting this December.

At JSG, we value our partnerships and becoming an integral part of the team as our clients leverage our staffing knowledge and experience.

Jacksonville, Florida

JSG Jacksonville made the headlines in 2106 for being recognized as an outstanding supplier to two of JSG’s staffing partners.

JSG Jacksonville partnered with Guidant Group as a customer service supplier since 2011. Recently, Guidant Group and Bartech joined forces and together manage 50+ accounts in North America through their MSP. Over 1,400 staffing suppliers help support these accounts, and out of these 1,400 vendors, only 40 were invited to Detroit for the Supplier Summit on October 19th. Out of those 40 vendors, only five were recognized with a Supplier Excellence Award at the recommendation or Program Managers.

“Our dedication to building a strong partnership and our ability to provide service excellence is what allows us to continue to build a strong foundation within the Guidant Group/Bartech MSP program,” stated Jeff Paarlberg, JSG Jacksonville Branch Manager.

Spokane, Washington

Spokane, Washington
JSG Spokane had several big wins throughout 2016. The  Spokane team focuses on the daily wins because they realize something small can turn into something amazing. Meet Mike Muglia, Account Executive Banking and Finance in Spokane, Washington, who shares one of his greatest successes of 2016.

“In May 2016, I was contacted by an outstanding lender in my market. Their current bank was facing a restructure, and this candidate was confidentially looking for a new position. I asked some initial questions and immediately knew this person was of a higher caliber than the average John Doe looking for a move, this was a leader and a golden opportunity for an organization that could recognize value.

“Within a few hours, I had conversations scheduled for this candidate at two different banks. After 5 weeks of multiple in-depth interviews, both clients decided this candidate was a perfect fit and approvals were requested to make an offer. This was a perfect storm for my candidate, and we were now faced with one and only one concern: what was best for my candidate’s career. One bank stood out due to what they offer the community banking world and the team they put together that is more like a family. They won out in the end with an accepted offer and a very happy candidate.

“Shortly after this deal was complete, I began receiving calls from the people that used to work for the candidate I had just placed. They were sending resumes, unsure of the future and wanting to work for the boss they loved. Over a dozen successful and professional movers and shakers in the banking world were now ready to move to the bank that successfully won my candidate. I have learned more from my candidate in 7 months than I could have learned in 10 years on my own in this business. My client has won several excellent revenue producers in addition to their initial prize, and my candidate is on track to be a template of future success because of superior quality and performance in only 4 months.

“I have always taken the idea of Zig Ziglar to heart, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” My client and my candidate have changed my career and my life. I have been fast tracked in the world of recruiting, and educated in the world of banking. I feel so fortunate to have had the guidance and support of my leadership team throughout this project. This year built professional relationships and lifelong friendships with people who are talented, professional, and honest in their dealings. I have said for years that money follows value, do what is right when no one is looking, and that value will produce the money. This was truly a win-win-win situation!”

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