Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the New Year To Start Your Job Search

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until 2017 To Start Your Job Search

I get it, when you’re in the throngs of the holidays, surrounded by family and to-do lists that are a mile long, it seems impossible to add one more thing to your plate. (Unless it’s another piece of apple pie!) “I’ll just wait until the new year to find a new job” you tell yourself. But let me give you an insider hint: that’s a terrible idea! December is actually the perfect time to start your job search, here’s why:

It takes a while to update your resume, cover letter template, contact references, etc.

Pushing your entire job search until next year means you will have to start from scratch in January! Take some time in December to browse job listings, define the scope of your search, notify your references, and update your resume and cover letter. That way, as you go into the new year, you will have a clear sense of focus and direction. (Explore our Candidate Resources to get started!)

You probably have more time than usual

Yes, I know it is SUPER important that you spend your free time watching football and drinking eggnog, but hear me out. You have more vacation days than any other time of year. And, dedicating just some of that time to your search will help you get ahead. Additionally, employers are *usually* more lenient when it comes to leaving early, taking a long lunch, etc. so it’s the perfect opportunity to squeeze in an interview or two.

Employers are hiring NOW, begin the job search!

This might come as a surprise, but you’re not the only one wanting to start a job search in the new year. Thousands of other candidates (your competition!) will be doing the same thing. There’s only one glaring problem: employers are hiring in December. In fact, many hiring managers are trying to use up their previous year’s budget and would like to have their new employees start now. By starting your job search journey during the holidays, you will be ahead of the pack. And, you might also get to enjoy an expedited hiring process. If you’re lucky, you could even be sitting comfy in your new position come January!