6 Signs You’re About to Receive a Job Offer

6 Signs You’re About to Receive a Job Offer


Waiting during the job search process is a daunting task, specifically when you’re near the end and waiting to receive a job offer. I asked JSG’s most successful recruiting professionals for the signs their candidates notice prior to receiving a job offer. Relieve some stress and look for these six signs to gauge how well things are going.

Hiring Manager Initiates Next Step

You’ve heard this before because it’s a good one. When a hiring manager proactively invites you back for the next step in the hiring process,  recognize they are impressed and want to learn more about you and your potential for success with this company.

Pro tip:  A hiring manager who initiates the next step allows you a great opportunity to get a clear understanding of the company’s hiring process, what steps are left, and the projected timeline to the final decision.


Dinner or Unique Invitation

If you receive an invitation for a unique in-person interview, this is a great indication that they like you and are interested in going the extra mile. They may extend a dinner invitation, which means they want to impress you. They may ask you back to show your skills in an assessment. The proof is in the pudding; this means they want to test your skills and ensure you can execute.

Pro tip: Treat a unique interview with the same level of professionalism you would in a normal interview.


Staff and/or Executive Team Introductions

If the hiring manager starts to introduce you to staff members, this is a great sign for you as they are already projecting you in the position.

Pro tip: If there is time, ask some questions to make sure this is the right opportunity for you.


Consistent Contact – Meets or Exceeds Deadlines

If they promise to call you back by Friday and get back to you early. This is a good sign. If they communicate early and often it suggests they are interested in continuous engagement to ensure you maintain interest.


Privy to the Inner Workings of the Company

If the company provides insider details to a new product, project, or service launch, you have a good chance of landing this job. The hiring manager maybe providing details to gain your interest or insights.

Pro tip: Don’t show all your cards! Make sure you don’t provide a complete solution prior to receiving a job offer.


Client Introduction

Imagine your interview is over and the hiring manager walks you out of the office. Just before shaking hands, a long-time client walks through the door and the hiring manager introduce you. This is an investment and great sign of significance and will surely translate to a job offer.


While other factors may impact your ability to move forward, positive signs like these are a great way to evaluate the temperature throughout the hiring process. If you’ve experienced these signs but didn’t receive an offer, rest assured your opportunity and job offer is closer than you think.