JSG September & October Anniversaries & July & August New Hires

Congratulations To Our Employees

Congratulations to all of our tenured employees with anniversaries in September & October 2016. Take a moment and help us congratulate our tenured staff members on and search for them on LinkedIn.

Atlanta – Darryl Dixon, 11 Years of Service, Tina Brumfield, 4 Years of Service, Martin Carr, 3 Years of Service, John Orr, 2 Years of Service & Abigail Peterson, 2 Years of Service

Bedford – Richard Geil, 8 Years of Service

Blue Bell – John Catania, 1 Year of Service

Chicago – Melissa Paz, 4 Years of Service, Nydia Martinez, 2 Years of Service, & Sharon Tinker, 1 Year of Service

Irvine – Manisha Gupta, 3 Years of Service & Diane Lacson, 2 Years of Service

Knoxville – Jeffrey Rowe, 3 Years of Service

North Charleston – Lindsay Pate, 11 Years of Service

Orlando – Frances Salsedo, 2 Years of Service & Danielle Dudley, 1 Year of Service

Pelham – Brigette Starr, 3 Years of Service

Pittsburgh – Maria Casciani, 1 Year of Service

San Jose – Margo Garcia, 6 Years of Service & Priscilla Gueco-Torres, 1 Year of Service

Welcome to JSG

Welcome to JSG!

We would like to give a warm welcome to all of JSG newest staff members. Take a moment to reach out, connect, follow, and say hello to the newest employees.

Atlanta – Terrill Newell, Nicole Brown, Santana Hammond, Amanda Smith, Michelle Figari, & Julie Lowe

Bedford – Christy Williams

Blue Bell – Khushali Mistry          

Calabasas – Ric Flores   

Chicago – Brian Dugan, Beth Seyler, Nicole Shenberger, & Angela Roskopf

Huntsville – Maria Mireles-Brown

Knoxville – Brittany DeWitt

North Charleston – Steven Duncan & Barbara Corbin        

San Jose – Christopher Martinez